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Monitor & Secure All Medications

Two-thirds of teenagers & young adults who report abuse of prescription medications say they get the majority of the medications from friends, family & acquaintances. Where do they get them? From our homes.

Ask yourself if your medications are easily accessible by other people? Are they in a bathroom medicine cabinet, a drawer, or lying out on the counter? Do you keep medicines by your living room chair? Are your medications at risk of being pilfered through if you leave the room, even for just a few minutes?

DON’T leave medication bottles or pill cases lying around

DON’T  store medicines in an unsecured medicine cabinet or bathroom drawer

DON’T ignore warning signs (Ex: bottles tampered with, pills missing or drugged behavior of someone in your home)

DO lock up medications in a lock box or hide them in a safe place

DO keep track of medications – count pills, make marks on liquid containers

DO keep track of refills – refilling medicine more often than expected can indicate a problem


DO encourage relatives, friends & neighbors to monitor medications

What if I need to get rid of medications?

The safest and environmentally sound way to dispose of all medications is to take them to a medications drop-box location or participate in the semi-annual Arkansas Prescription Drug Take Back Day (the upcoming event is Saturday, Oct. 27). There are 200+ drop box locations throughout the state & most are available to securely dispose of medications 24/7. To find the nearest location click on the Collection Sites tab.

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