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Prevention Team Bios

Regional Prevention Representatives

Margaret Morrison, a 16-year Regional Prevention Representative veteran, coordinates a prevention team for substance misuse prevention, including coalition building, training, & maintain clearinghouse materials. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree & she’s a certified prevention consultant with the Arkansas Prevention Certification Board – affiliated nationally & internationally.

Margaret Morrison

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 3

Shawn VonWiller is a Regional Prevention Representative for Region 3, serving five counties providing services for substance use and misuse prevention. She is a qualified Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and also holds an Associate of Applied Sciences in Business Administration. She has also served as a wellness coach in the past.

Shawn VonWiller

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 3

Linda J Williams, 56, enjoys being a Regional Prevention Representative at Crowley’s Ridge Development Council because “I’m helping bring to light how drugs, alcohol & tobacco are destroying our communities & homes.” She has been married more than 30 years & first met her husband when they were 14-years-old. They have two adult children & four grandchildren.

Linda J. Williams

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 4

Dr. Lisa Perry is the Director of Prevention Services at Crowley’s Ridge Development Council. She supervises prevention programs in regions 4 & 7, as well as Partnerships for Success grant programs, & staff in regions 3, 4, & 7. Dr. Perry is also a Regional Prevention Representative for region 4.

Read more about Lisa Here.

Dr. Lisa Perry

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 4

After witnessing family members & friends with drug & alcohol dependency in her hometown of New Orleans, Deonna pursued her passion for Prevention in 2018.

She’s a full-time student at Arkansas State University & Regional Prevention Provider at Crowley’s Ridge Development Council. When not working she enjoys quality time with her 2 teens & honey of 15 years.

Deonna Vincent

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 4

Katie Priest began working for Harbor House, Inc. as a Region Prevention Provider for Region 5 in 2016. Over the past four years she has become a Trainer of Trainers in Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training, Prevention Ethics, Prevention Plus Wellness and Say It Straight.


Read more about Katie here.

Katie Priest

Region Prevention Representative, Region 5

Tabitha Fondren is the Prevention Coordinator for Harbor House.  Her passion is helping others know the risk involved with substance use and to learn healthy alternatives to using in order to create a healthy lifestyle. She continuously studies the field of prevention to serve  communities effectively.


Read more about Tabitha here.

Tabitha Fondren

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 5

Amy Mellick, a Regional Prevention Representative, provides alcohol, tobacco, and drug prevention activities and education for  Pope, Johnson, Yell, Conway, Faulkner, & Perry counties. She is involved in numerous community coalitions with the goal of working towards reducing substance abuse among youth and adults.

Read more about Amy here.

Amy Mellick

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 6

Shannon Cook is a Regional Prevention Representative for Region 6 has worked in the substance abuse prevention field for more than 10 years.

Shannon serves on the Arkansas Prevention Network (APnet) board and is an executive board member for Community Service, Inc.


Read more about Shannon here.

Shannon Cook

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 6

Kendon L. Gray Sr. has been a Regional Prevention Representative with Crowley’s Ridge Development Council since 2006. He is also a Certified Prevention Specialist. Kendon previously was the Marianna Mayor’s Assistant,as well as a Program Coordinator for two youth serving programs. Passionate about Prevention Kendon …

Read more about Kendon here.

Kendon Gray

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 7

Anthony Tidwell has an innate desire to make a change in his community. When he decided to be the change, that’s when things began to evolve. As Region 8 Prevention Provider, Anthony seeks to empower coalition leaders with resources & information to make healthier communities.


Read more about Anthony here.

Anthony Tidwell

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 8

While Erica only started working in prevention in September 2019, she has always been passionate about serving others and making a difference. Erica is well traveled and has lived in Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado as well as having been a long-time visitor of family in Arkansas.

Read more about Erica here.

Erica Hobbs

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 8

Genine LaTrice Perez has been involved in youth leadership development since 1997. She is passionate about youth engagement & involvement.  Genine is an advocate, educator, speaker, artist, mother, Christian, &  helps people dream chase.  She works at the Family Service Agency as a Region 9 Certfied Prevention Consultant.

Read more about Genine here.

Genine LaTrice Perez

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 9

Hayse “Q” Miller has a Bachelor of Science in Education and is a Certified Prevention Consultant for the Family Service Agency  in North Little Rock. Hayse manages the Region 9 Prevention Provider program and makes progress towards the accomplishment of the state prevention plan and supports the requirements of the federal funding source.


Hayse "Q" Miller

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 9

Tamara Iverson was born & raised in the small town of Magnolia & graduated from Magnolia High School. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism from Southern Arkansas University. She joined Harbor House as a Regional Prevention Provider on August 1, 2019 where she works with the community to educate people on substance misuse.

Tamara Iverson

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 11

Regional Prevention Provider, Tanishia Lewis works to provide prevention resources to assist communities in developing prevention approaches to reducing risks associated with violence, alcohol, drugs, & tobacco. She is passionate about helping her community & assisting in impacting lives & promoting healthy lifestyles.

Read more about Tanishia here. 

Tanishia Lewis

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 12

A Regional Prevention Representative for Phoenix Youth and Family, Roshunda Davis-Johnson has been involved in the Prevention field since for more than 10 years in multiple positions. She is a currently in the process of earning a certification to become a Certified Prevention Specialist. 

Read more about Roshunda here.

Roshunda Davis-Johnson

Regional Prevention Representative, Region 13

Regional Lead Represenatives

Stacy Taylor, from Crowley’s Ridge Development Council, is the Region 3 Regional Lead Representative, serving 10 counties, and she’s also a Certified Prevention Specialist.

A resident of Batesville, Her favorite things are movie nights with her family, running and gardening.

Read more about Stacy here.

Stacy Taylor

Regional Lead Representative, Region 3

Juan Sheppard is a Region Lead Representative for 7 counties in North East Arkansas with the Rise Above Alcohol & Drugs program and the Partnerships for Success grant. He started working at Crowley’s Ridge Development Council on Dec. 2, 2019.


Read more about Juan here.

Juan Sheppard

Regional Lead Representative, Region 4

Jayden McGrew is new to the Prevention field, but says she has “found my passion.” The oldest of 7 siblings, McGrew has natural leadership abilities and is thankful to use them to improve lives in communities across the state.


Read more about Jayden here. 

Jayden McGrew

Regional Lead Representative, Region 5

Kelli has worked in Prevention since August of 2019. She has 4 children & is attending Arkansas Tech University.

“I love my community & want to empower youth to create change,” Kellis said. “I have been working with the youth in Conway County for 4 years as a youth leader at Hattieville Family Worship Center & coached softball & volleyball within the last 4 years.”

Kelli Bingham

Regional Lead Representative, Region 6

Marquisha Applewhite is the Partnerships for Success Regional Lead Representative for Region 7 & has been a part of the prevention team since August 2019. Marquisha is very passionate about helping people and she hopes to always leave her Marq (mark) on everyone that she meets.


Read more about Marquisha here. 

Marquisha Applewhite

Regional Lead Representative, Region 7

Ashley Thompson worked in the nonprofit field, focusing on mental and behavioral health, for more than 20 years before entering the substance abuse prevention field. Her experience has groomed her for this new position, but it is her passion that keeps her dedicated.


Read more about Ashley here.

Ashley Thompson

Regional Lead Representative, Region 8

Joyce Raynor, a 2012 recipient of the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award, founded the Women’s Council on African American Affairs, a non-profit organization in 1999. After tragedies to her family, she established the Center for Healing Hearts and Spirits & became its Executive Director in January 2002.

Read more about Joyce here.

Joyce Raynor

Regional Lead Representative, Region 9

Drawing on personal experience with substance misuse in her family, Kita began working for Harbor House Inc. in 2019 to pursue her passion in prevention. She also has a passion for working with children of all ages, including for with children with disabilities.


Read more about Kita here.

Kita Cantu

Regional Lead Representative, Region 10

Alex Smith calls himself a “Jack-of-all-trades” but really is involved with a number of organizations and affiliations in the communities he serves. He is passionate about improving lives in the community, particularly being active with mentoring young men and women.


Read more about Alex here.

Alex Smith

Regional Lead Representative, Region 11

Tempest C. Alexander is very passionate about working with youth and impacting their lives through Prevention programs, as well as helping others promoting healthy lifestyles. In her spare time she is a volunteer teacher for the Junior Kids program at Pine Bluff First Assembly of God Church.

Read more about Tempest here.

Tempest C. Alexander

Regional Lead Representative, Region 12

As a Regional Lead Representative with Phoenix Youth & Family Services, Nikkia serves Ashley, Bradley, Chicot, Desha, & Drew counties. Her emphasis is to empower youth to engage in substance abuse prevention advocacy through the development of youth coalitions. Nikkia brings more than 17 years & knowledge of working with vulnerable children to provide hope & encouragement.

Nikkia Davidson

Regional Lead Representative, Region 13

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