Monitor and Secure Prescription Medications


  • Place prescriptions in a safe, locked container
  • Record the time and dosage when you take or administer medication
  • Ask your doctor how to safely take your medications
  • Dispose of unneeded prescriptions in a Take Back Box
  • Keep naloxone in the house if you are prescribed opioids
  • Seek treatment if you have dependency on prescription or illicit opioids

Do Not

  • Keep medication accessible on countertops or in a dresser
  • Forget to clean up spilled medication
  • Throw medication in the trash
  • Dump medication down the sink
  • Flush medication down the toilet
  • Forget to record dosage

Arkansas Poison Center Hotline 800-222-1222

Tools Talk to Your Doctor

Advocate for yourself and your safety when you visit the doctor.

Tools to Talk to Your Teen

Parents have a big influence over their teen’s opinions about substance misuse. Here are tips to talk with your teen.