Boone County Opioid Dashboard

Despite legends and rumors about how this county was named, it is not named after famous frontiersman Daniel Boone. Rather, the first settlers thought the area would eventually becoming a “Boon”  but when former Arkansas Governor Powell Clayton signed an act officially naming the county, he added an “e” and thus, Boone County was born. A mostly rural area in the Ozark Mountains, with Harrison as the county seat, small population areas often lack resources to combat the fast growing Substance Use Disorder. That is why after you view this page, be sure to check out the rest of to find useful resources and information to guide you on how you can help reduce substance misuse (also reduces crimes) and save lives.

Boone County Overdose Deaths

wdt_ID Year Overdose Deaths Rate Population Opioid Rx Rate
1 2018 4 10.67 37,480 99.70
2 2019 6 16.03 37,432 84.60
3 2020 3 8.03 37,373 81.20
4 2021 6 15.86 37,830 71.50

Boone County Narcotic Arrests

wdt_ID Year Arrests Rate per 10k
1 2017 210 56.18
2 2018 243 64.83
3 2019 258 68.92
4 2020 207 55.39
5 2021 257 68.77

Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT) Provider


Dr. Robin Smith

105 E Prospect

Harrison, AR 72601

Phone: 870-345-7175

Naloxone (Narcan) Saves - Boone County

wdt_ID Date Month Day of Week Time Agency Sex Race Age Substance Suicide Attempt
1 10/12/2019 October Saturday 17:46 Harrison Fire Female White 25 Unknown Opioid No
43 04/09/2020 April Thursday 22:00 Harrison Fire Male Hispanic 46 Unknown Opioid No

Need Help?

Contact A Peer Recovery Specialist

Boone County Peer Recovery Specialists

wdt_ID First Name Last Name Email Phone Number Certification
1 Rhonda Hamilton Peer In Training
2 Rodney Beaver Peer In Training
3 Kristina Peebles 870-391-9086 Peer In Training

State TOTAL Lives Saved: Arkansas Naloxone Project