Arkansas State Fair: Arkansas Drug Take Back Booth

Thank you to everyone who visited our Arkansas Drug Take Back Booth at the Arkansas State Fair in Little Rock.

Now make sure you join us for the Arkansas Drug Take Back Day. The event is this Saturday at more than a 100 locations across Arkansas.

You don’t have to give anyone a name or anything. Just hand a person working a booth (you can find locations at your old, expired, unneeded prescription medications. Then think of the potential lives you are saving by that simple gesture. Do you know where people who misuse or abuse prescriptions mostly get them from? They get them from our medicine cabinets, or wherever they know meds are stored.

It may not be a bunch at once, but even just one of those meds they take from that prescription bottle can end in a tragedy. And when people burglarize homes now, they’re looking for your meds first.

There are many reasons to join us to #ReverseTheOpioidEpidemic, including that you don’t need to flush them down the drain, nor do they need to be thrown into the trash – as medicines are very harmful to the environment. The medicines collected at an Arkansas Drug Take Back location will be collected by law enforcement officers to be destroyed in an environmentally safe manner.

So we ask that you join us this Saturday. You may very well save someone’s life by doing so.