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The Official Collegiate Coalition of Arkansas

We are committed to addressing substance misuse at every institution of higher education in the state.  The Arkansas Collegiate Network core team is comprised of 28 representatives from 8 institutions laying the coalition’s foundation.  ACN’s vision is to be a coalition led by students, faculty, and institution staff leaders networking and communicating with a shared goal of addressing substance misuse. The mission of the Arkansas Collegiate Network is to empower campus leaders to be effective in their efforts addressing substance misuse in order to create a healthier Arkansas. For more information on the Arkansas Collegiate Network please email Colligate Program Coordinator Steven Gray  at or Jessica Simpson, MidSouth Substance Abuse Prevention Project Officer, at

Core Team Members


of College students report suffering academic consequences related to drinking, including skipped classes, lower test scores & lower grades overall


of College students reported use of marijuana

Drug Overdose Deaths in the U.S. in 2019

Drug Overdoses Deaths in Arkansas in 2018

College students between age of 18-25 die annually due to accidental, alcohol-related injuries

Students reported assault by an intoxicated person

Students reported being victims of alcohol related date rape or sexual assault

Students reported developing alcohol related health issues

NEED TO KNOW: Good Samaritan Laws

Our Top Priorities

Prevention (RAAD)

RAAD is the overarching theme for Substance Abuse Prevention in Arkansas encouraging everyone to Rise Above Alcohol & Drugs. The campaign is a comprehensive statewide effort designed to share drug prevention information with community stakeholders, school leaders, faith-based groups & business leaders alike. The goal of RAAD is to create curriculum & data-driven messages engrossed in an activity centered around changed behavior.

Stop Stigma

The mission of the Department of Human Services and the State Drug Directors Office is to Stop Stigma and change attitudes in Arkansas by securing the commitment of changing our words. By signing onto our campaign, you will increase awareness in your community and utilize the information and resources we have available. Stigma often keeps people from seeking treatment.


Recovery support services are non-clinical services that are used with treatment to support individuals in their recovery goals. These services are often provided by peers or others who are already in recovery.


Many different kinds of professionals provide treatment for substance use disorders. Find information about treatment facilities throughout Arkansas.

Drug Take Back

Properly dispose of prescription medications in an environmentally safe method by dropping them off at any of the 250+ drop box locations throughout Arkansas.