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End the Opidemic ➡ DROP IT IN THE BOX

Need to dispose of medications? Click on the Collection Sites tab & type in a zip code! 🚮 Prescription medicines are toxic waste & pose a danger to people, pets, & the environment, so get rid of your expired & unneeded medications at a drug take back box & join us for the AR Drug Take Back Day❗ ➡618 people died from a drug overdose in Arkansas in 2021 ➡225 people die, everyday in America, from a drug overdose ➡Together, we can change these statistics‼
It’s OK to flush medicines down the toilet or pour them down the drain?
It's OK to put medicines in the trash, if mixed with other items (like coffee grounds or kitty litter).
Collection Sites
Collection Sites
There are hundreds of secure drop boxes throughout Arkansas to drop off medications. Search for drop off locations by name, zipcode, type or a combination of any of the three.
Find A SIte
Recovery Centers
Recovery Centers
The road to recovery is difficult, but it is possible. Visit our list of recovery resources. There is also a Support Information for Family & Friends section under the Wellness tab.
Find A Center
It's OK to leave medicines lying around the home
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Arkansas Take Back
The Johnson County Sheriff faces gun and drug charges following an arrest in Crawford County.
Arkansas Take Back
Drug overdose deaths more than tripled among people age 65 & older during the past 2 decades. Deaths from alcohol abuse increased more than 18%...
Arkansas Take Back
For some, the #holidayseason can bring up difficult emotions and memories. Keeping your recovery materials with you can help remind you of the progress you’ve...
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